What make Puranik Future City Different from others?

Puranik Future City Upcoming Project At Neral Mumbai

With many developments happening around, the betterment of each and every sector is directly or indirectly contributing to the overall economy of the country. Development itself is an answer and the outcome leads to many more proposals and developments further. In such a busy developing city, to lead a peaceful life is hardly being possible. But Puranik Future City took up the initiative to offer a fit and peaceful life accompanied with the best amenities and specifications, it proves to be the best.

Puranik Future City
Puranik Future City

Time to add change in our lives

In a busy metropolitan city like Mumbai imagine a beautiful place amongst a huge venture of trees and nature twined together. Imagination is very easy but making it a fact of possibility is harder. The impossibility of the above point is because of the high population, already existing huge office spaces and high-raised apartments within a vast traffic and commotion. So Puranik builders are here to prove and provide the need of human beings to be with nature as well. Puranik Future City is a new project by Puranik builder offering 1 BHK and 2 BHK residencies. Dealing with the possibility, again imagine 107 acres of land where 85% of its land is left open and only the 15% of land parcel is used for construction! Yes, this was made possible by Puranik and is taking lead to offer not just to be different but that shift must also be likable by its customers and buyers.

Choice of location always matters

The location of the Puranik Future City is pinned near Pimploli Village Old Market, Neral, Maharashtra, 410101. Location is the first factor every customer looks into and if the location is far from any of the essentials, the property can be said waste of resources, wealth and manpower. Thus a place which is wrapped with all the pre-requisites must be finalized in order to evidence the development as well.

Future city location can be said as the ideal one which is just a drive away to the major cities of Maharashtra; Mumbai and Pune. This property easily connects to the industrial hubs Kalyan and Badlapur which are nearby. There is a huge development transition happening ongoing at Neral which is being noticed as the huge residential area. So there are many proposals which are being taken up by the companies and commercial spaces. The gradual progression accompanied by the residencies, companies and other commercial slots evidences the development at Neral.

Property with its positives and believes in “Idea that stay with you”

To talk about the beautifully spread property with Phase-I out of 4 sectors, it consists of 30 buildings. Amongst the 30 buildings, 27 buildings are of G+7 and 3 buildings are of G+3.It has 1 BHK and 2 BHK with an area of 323-368 sq. ft and 427-472 sq. ft respectively. With 28 years of experience, Puranik builders have effectively completed 29 projects till date and 24 projects are ongoing.

Puranik builders with a meaningful tagline “Idea that stay with you” is all set with its implementation for the beautiful project Puranik Future City. It is offering best amenities in its own way. It has come up with a concept of following the eco-friendly line. Temple, Gazebo and club house are the new concepts to come up with, to provide a hassle-free life to the residents. Proper maintenance of the respective departments like, plumbing, sanitation, cleaning, security and parking round the clock is assured.

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Few Most Important Aspects Of Your Apartment Search

Neral’s Location Potential

A growing city like Mumbai always will be in need of more and more progress. It contributes a bit more than 6.16% to the India’s economy which is inclusive of factory employment, customs, income tax and more. As of 2017, followed by two other capital cities, Mumbai is one of the cities which account 60% need of office space demand. Such is the pace of development is Mumbai or the Maharashtra and one of the best residential property is now coming up in Neral which falls under the south Mumbai.

Puranik Future City with 1 BHK and 2 BHK, in the suburban of Mumbai, can be said as the ideal property for those new buyers who are in search of an apartment.

Puranik Future City
Puranik Future City

Few basic aspects to be noted for an apartment search

Puranik Future City is a residential project taken up by the Puranik developers which was started in the year 1990 has a growth of 421, 422 sq. mt. It also has completed 29 projects and 24 projects which are ongoing. It not only deals with the residential projects but also take up the commercial projects and gives a tough competition by his opponents.

For each and every tenant, there is an unimaginable dream of buying a property and owning it with all the hard work. So the first time property buyers can follow basic aspects for an apartment search in order to make their dream palace in real. They can be said as the choice of location, structuring of the property, neighborhood with essentials, connectivity and more.

  • Choice of location: Puranik City, pinned near Pimploli Village Old Market, Neral, Maharashtra, 410101. This aspect always occupies the first place in order to ease the life of the residents. This location is so ideal in the outskirts but with the advantages of easy road connectivity and also enjoying a calm and beautiful place.

  • Structuring of the property: The structure of the property is also important. Puranik Future City is an area of 107 acres, 85% of the area is given for the open space. The 1st phase consists of 4 sectors. With an overall 30 buildings comprising of 27 buildings with G+7 and 3 buildings with G+4.

  • Neighborhood with essentials: A suburban is being developed these days and has no reason to deny it. Due to the demand for the apartments and owning them is soaring, the neighborhood is also developing in its own way which has huge benefits. Employment sector, schools, hospitals, banks and many other locations eases the life of the residents.

  • Connectivity: If there is no proper connectivity from the location to the basic employment sectors, schools, hospitals, banks and public transport, the life of a resident becomes more hassle and bustle. Noticing the need of the residents, there are few proposals like Navi Mumbai international airport, rail route and sea link.

The above mentioned are the basic but the vital aspects to be followed by any tenant dreaming to buy a new apartment. And to specify about the Future City Neral, this property is appropriate with all the excellent provisions and suits the above mentioned aspects.

Puranik Future City Neral
Puranik Future City Neral

Puranik Future City proposes “Ideas that stays with you”

Puranik City,near Pimploli Neral is upcoming with additional road ways and state highways in the location. This residential property assuring the needed civic amenities, specifications, master and the floor plan, the price is still economical. Hurry up to grab this outstanding property.

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